K-9 Accommodations
We designed the kennel to give your pets the comfort and security they
deserve.  Our indoor runs are heated and air conditioned for your pets year
round comfort and Kurunda beds are provided for each run. Our large dog
runs, pictured above, are 5' x 5' with access to the outside 5' x 5' covered
runs, (weather permitting). We have two double runs available with removable
door for multi dog families.
We also have a 4' x 8' inside run with x-large dogie door for our bigger guests.
20 minute nature walks also available for additional fee, details at bottom of page.

To help prevent additional stress and stomach upset by switching food, owner
is required to supply the needed food for each pets stay.
You're also encouraged to bring any treats, toys, a small blanket or towel, etc.
to make your pets stay more comfortable.
(Because it is hard to wash large stuffed pet beds, comforters, etc. and some dogs may tear them
while being boarded we recommend bringing something smaller.)

We pride ourselves on keeping the facility clean.  The use of a hospital
grade disinfectant and thorough cleaning between each guest insures
your pets quarters will be as safe as possible.
We also require that all visitors be current on
vaccinations, (within the last year), including Bordetalla, before their stay.  
A flea and tick preventative is recommended.

If you would like your dog to be bathed before going home please let us know when
you make your reservations. A complementary bath and nail trim is provided for dogs
staying 10 days or more, less than 10 day stay you will be charged if you request a
bath.  Keep in mind that if your pet is only here for a day or two and it is a holiday or
weekend we may not be able to provide this service, we also reserve the right to
refuse this service to pets that require a full groom, are aggressive or difficult to
Our covered outside runs are 5' x 5' with 4' high solid
dividers and fencing on the tops for safety.
We have added additional kennel space for smaller breeds and
older dogs. These runs are 4' x 4' for single guest, or 4' x 5' and 5'
x 5' for multi dog families. The floor is covered with a rubber
flooring and Kurunda beds are provided for each run.  All pets are
let out, by family or individually, for potty breaks 4 times daily in
our 6' high fenced in area.
Package of 4, 20 minute walks, $25.00
Package of 3, $20.00
Package of 2, $17.00
One for $10.00
additional pets $5.00 each per walk.

Package of 4 walks only available for
pets staying a week or longer, add
additional walks for $5.00 each.

Please reserve your nature walks when
you make your pets reservations.
Each pet that is signed up for this service
will be evaluated to see if they behave
appropriately on leash.  If your pet cannot
be walked safely and comfortable we will
not be walking them and you will not be
charged for the service.
During hot days walks will be done early
morning or late evening.  If we have bad
weather and cannot walk your pet per
package requested the package that
corresponds with the walks given will apply.
Dogs are let out individually
or by families, 4 times daily
in our fenced in area for
potty breaks.