Cat Cottage

To help prevent additional stress and stomach upset by switching food,
owner is required to supply the needed food for each pets stay.
Bowls, litter pans and litter are supplied.

We pride ourselves on keeping the facility clean.  The use of a hospital
grade disinfectant and thorough cleaning between each guest insures
your pets quarters will be as safe as possible.
We also require that all visitors be current on
vaccinations before their stay.  
A flea preventative is also recommended.
Our cat condos are large, 4' x 6',
plenty of room for personal items.
Our cat cottage is separate from the dog kennel, providing
a quiet, secure area for our feline guests.
Custom climbing trees offer a
comfortable resting area.
Maid service and
personal attention are
provided twice daily.
Kitties are allowed
time to stretch their
legs outside the
condos while we get
food and litter pans